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Sometimes, things break down. And sometimes, these things are part of your PV system. It might be because of old age, when a PV panel gets delamination or the storage system has internal damage. Sometimes the causes are external; modules get damaged by hurricanes or inverters overload. In a lot of cases, not the whole system is unusable, so it will be worth it to exchange the broken or faulty parts. And that is why you come to Solarodo: to find exactly that spare PV part you are looking for! We also offer used products, which is very helpful in the search for spare PV parts. Some parts are being manufactured anymore, so used products enable you to make your PV system function again. Of course we also offer new products, from Class-B, to excess stock, to Class-A products. If you still don’t find the exact product you were looking for, we offer you alternative products that also fit into your system.


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