SecondSol Inc.

In 2010, two guys from a small town in Germany had an idea. They were not happy with certain aspects within the PV market; they saw that there weren’t enough spare parts to match the demand and they saw that used solar modules were being disposed of when they were still good enough to be reused. Putting these to problems together, Frank Fiedler and Stefan Wippich created SecondSol, an online marketplace where people could buy and sell their new and used photovoltaic products. Six years later, SecondSol is the biggest PV marketplace in Europe, with a German, English and Italian platform, and a Spanish, French and Dutch one on the way.

But it doesn’t end there. The United States is an aspiring and growing solar market which will encounter some of the same developments the German market already has, giving us an enormous knowledge advantage. So in 2016, we launched Solarodo beta in the United States, with some straightforward goals: to make it the online marketplace for new and used PV products and spare parts; to create the largest directory of PV service providers; to become the biggest database for photovoltaic modules, inverters and energy storage systems and in the future be the place to be for manufacturers, dealers and installers for (help) selling their new products.

Some highlights from the SecondSol company history:

SecondSol foundation

The SecondSol online platform is launched in German and English

bm|t · beteiligungsmanagement thüringen GmbH invests in SecondSol

SecondSol hits the 1000 user mark

First SecondSol software relaunch

SecondSol Italy is launched

New German company headquarters and warehouse

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