Placing an Ad on the Solarodo Marketplace

A Step by Step Guide


1. On the homepage, go to Selling > Sell an Item.

 How to Place an Ad 1

2.  Pick the right category for your product. In this case, we are using Photovoltaic Modules.

How to Place an Ad 2

3. The system will check whether this is the right category, just click OK, or Cancel if you have picked the wrong category.

How to Place an Ad 3

4. Although it might sometimes look like nothing is happening when going to the next step, please note the system is just loading. You can always see this below 7. Confirm Entry on the left side.

How to Place an Ad 4

5. Here, you can search for your product in our database. Pick the manufacturer and click Search product. You can also add the Minimum Output and (part of) the product name to make your search more specific. If your manufacturer is not listed in the drop-down menu, they are not in our database yet. In this case, please continue to step 8.

How to Place an Ad 5

6. The results matching your criteria will be displayed now. Please pick your product, or go to step 8 if your product is not listed here.

How to Place an Ad 6

7. A lot of information will already be filled in when picking a product from our database. In this step, you’ll just have to add some user-specific information like your article number and the description. If you are not sure what is expected at a certain entry, go with your mouse over the small question mark for a short explanation.

How to Place an Ad 7

8. Please continue to step 11 if you’ve found your product in our database. It is possible your product is not in our database though, so read on in that case.

How to Place an Ad 8

9. Below the search results, you have the option to put in your own product in case your product is not listed in our database.

How to Place an Ad 9

10. The following steps will be exactly the same, except all fields will be blank.

How to Place an Ad 10

11. Under Item Details you can fill in all your product’s important data like the technical specifications. Please make sure these are correct when using a product from our database.

How to Place an Ad 11

12. Here you can fill in your price information, including the number of items you have in stock. Please also make sure you have your payment method configured before you place any ads.

 How to Place an Ad 12

13. Under Item Location, please specify the location of the item, which can be different from your company or personal address.

How to Place an Ad 13

14. Under Media, you can add pictures, documents and videos. This will help the customer visualize your product and will highly increase your chances of selling.

 How to Place an Ad 14

15. Under Documents, we recommend adding the datasheet for your product, so the customer can quickly find all the technical specifications and other product info.

How to Place an Ad 15

16. After this, you can give your ad one final check. You can change something before publishing, but changes can be made at any time afterwards as well. If all is good, click Definitely publish article and you will be all set!

How to Place an Ad 16