Earn money with Solarodo

Example 1 - Private seller: Mr. Miller from Atlanta, Georgia has three old used photovoltaic modules from Canadian Solar in his basement. Mr. Miller uses the Solarodo photovoltaic marketplace to put these modules on the secondhand market. After a storm, Ms. Schmidt, also from Atlanta, Georgia, finds a module with broken glass on her roof. Ms. Schmidt searches the internet for suitable replacements and finds the modules that Mr. Miller is offering on Solarodo. Ms. Schmidt buys the modules directly from Mr. Miller via the marketplace and can pick them up the same day.

Example 2 - Solar Integrator: Mr. Rodriguez from Pittsburgh exchanged broken panels from a customer’s roof after lightning damage. 40 of the 100 panels are still completely intact. Mr. Rodriguez buys the intact panels from the insurance and lists them on Solarodo. Mr. Jones from Philadelphia wants to install a photovoltaic system at his second home. He is looking for cheap photovoltaic modules and finds the offer by Mr. Rodriguez on Solarodo. Mr. Jones buys the 40 modules from Mr. Rodriguez and has them shipped over to his second home.

Example 3 - Distributor & Manufacturer: The company Green & Sons from Nevada has been operating for years in the photovoltaic market. After an inventory check, they found that there is a large amount of old stock in the warehouse. Furthermore, the company has taken over other manufacturers over the last couple of years. Due to those takeovers, more modules and inverters came into the warehouse, which the company wants to sell quickly. The company Green & Sons decides to sell the products via Solarodo. After a few days, various products are sold via Solarodo to distributors from California, Montana and South Carolina. In this way, Solarodo enabled the company the access to a nationwide market.

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