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Here you find answers on almost all questions on "how to use" our portal.

Optimize your sales

home   Setting the Price

you can define the price of your product and submit it during the ad creation process. Please remember while your pricing, that after a successful sale commission fees are due.
You can find an overview of our commissions and fees here.

home   The perfect ad for your successful sale

In order to present your product perfectly, you should fill out all the necessary information during the creation process to give the customer as much information as needed about the product you are selling.
You can add photos of your product to your ad via the photo upload function. The more detailed and comprehensive your information is, the more you can sell, since customers will not ask any further questions.

home   The perfect photo

A picture is worth more than a thousand words. This wisdom you should also keep in mind, when creating your ad. You should try to photograph your offers both honest and appealing. You do not use a picture of a PV module that you purchased from a photo provider (for example, Fotolia), but photograph the actual product itself. Here you should make sure that the object is well illuminated and stands out from the background.
You have (depending on the membership you have chosen) the possibility of uploading multiple images to your ad. Use this option for special and / or important details (eg. scratches or outlets) of the product.

home   Packaging products for safe transport

Be aware during packaging and shipping preparations that your product is optimally protected from damage, so that it will arrive safely.
For shipments of PV modules, see these two instructions on how to ship the modules optimally lying or standing upright.


Packaging pallets

  1. The wooden pallet should be a bit larger than the modules! 
  2. Place a sheet of cardboard under on top of the wooden pallet, which is larger than the modules! 
  3. Place the first module with the glass side up! Insert if present cellular rubber or cardboard between the modules! 
  4. Stack the modules with the glass side upwards exactly one above the other! Ensure that the cables are not hanging out on the sides! Stack only a maximum of 20 modules!
  5. For shock protection secure all 4 corners of the stack with folded cardboard strip and fix the stack with stretch wrap!
  6. Tighten four tension belts or bands vertically and place pieces of cardboard to protect them between the module and clamping straps or bands!
  7. Highlight the pallet as "NOT STACKABLE"!


Packaging solar modules for shipment in a grid box

  1. Use a grid box with the internal dimensions 1200x800x810 mm!
  2. Line the bottom of the grid box with cardboard and sit a board that has at least module dimensions, to the rigid longitudinal side (without opening flap)!
  3. Place the module in the grid box and sit them against the protective cardboard!
  4. Fix it in place with tension belts / tapes along the grid of the long side, that it cannot slip. The module must be straight and must not protrude above the box. 
  5. Wrap the top of the module with clear wrap. Fix the cardboard to module. 
  6. Mark the opening of the box and make sure that no further goods can be uploaded!


If you have any further questions, please contact the support team.