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Buying products

home   How are the prices of products determined?

Supply and demand, as in all other industries, are the most important factor to module pricing.
In the photovoltaic secondary market another important point needs to be aware of:

More than 1,800 manufacturers have produced more than 70,000 different types of modules.
In addition to various technologies, products often have different dimensions, specifications and colors.
Due to bankruptcies and technology progress often older module types are stored as spare parts for years by the traders, which means high storage costs.

Furthermore, the original purchase price of modules plays an important role. In 2004 modules costed often 2,50 € / Wp.
Storage costs, acquisition costs and sales expenses of individual modules can therefore affect the price significantly.
Additionally, note that these modules are usually sold separately, which causes additional handling and packaging costs.
These products are not intended for new installations.

The fact that prices are justified is demonstrated by the fact that after a damage the repair with an original spare part also has economic advantages.

Therefore the repair with an - still quite expensive - original module is still cheaper than replacing an entire module string in the photovoltaic system. In addition to the simple exchange, also the appearance of the photovoltaic system remains consistent. An important factor that is often not possible with modules of another manufacturer or newer design.

Whom yet the price is more important than the appearance: At Solarodo are offered repair alternatives for defective photovoltaic modules and even a replica service for photovoltaic modules.

home   Is the price per piece or pallet?

Displayed at SecondSol are always prices per piece.

home   Can we negotiate about the price?

If a trader wants to offer a product negotiated, they select the option "negotiate" when adjusting the product. This note is displayed in the product ad below the price.

home   How can I react to price negotiations?

In your profile under "My Account" select "Negotiate". There you can find the status of your current price proposals and respond to them. Click the recent price proposal. Now you can confirm the price or submit a counter-proposal.

home   Who is the owner of the product?

The products that can be found on Solarodo are primarily placed by independent dealers.
If you have any further questions, just get in contact with the seller via the contact button.

home   Is the product available?

The availability of an item can be found in the item description: "Available articles".

home   Where is the product stored?

The place where the product is located, you can find by clicking the tab "Location". The location is then conveniently displayed on an interactive map.

home   How much is the transport?

One transport price list can be found at the bottom of the item description. Each dealer has the option to specify your own transport costs, depending on quantity, transport and delivery.

home   Is a delivery to another country possible?

Basically, deliveries are possible to other countries. For more detailed information on costs and delivery time, please contact the seller of the goods.

home   Where can I find the opening hours of a seller?

Should the seller not already have entered their opening hours in their profile, just send them a message by using the contact button.

home   What you have to consider when we use customer pickup?

If you want to pick up the goods yourself, you should pre-arrange a pick-up date with the seller.

home   How can I contact the seller?

If you wish to contact a seller, you can find a button "Make contact" in each ad. Once you click it, a new window will open where you can write a message to the seller.

home   How can I view a data sheet?

Do you want to see data sheets for the products you selected? Just click the tab "Data Sheets" in the ad you are looking at. Here you can find a datasheet in form of a PDF file that you can download for free. If there is no tab "Data Sheets" available, it means that the trader did not upload a datasheet. You can contact the trader via the contact button and ask them to upload a datasheet.

home   How can I get more information about a product by the seller?

If you have questions that were not answered in the product description, you can write a message to the seller by using the contact button.

home   Where can I find my invoices?

A listing of your invoices can be found in your "My Account" under "My Settings" and under "My bills". Here you can see all your invoices sorted by unpaid and paid invoices.

home   Fixed Prices or Price negotiations?

As a trader you determine the price of your products and also define whether the price is fixed or negotiable.

home   How long does the transport take?

The duration depends on the location of the goods and the destination as well as the selected mode of transport (eg. freight forwarders or parcel services). Ask the seller for exact information.

home   How can I buy a product?

To buy a product, please first enter the website of the product. Put the amount you would like to buy into the shopping cart.

Be aware that there might be a minimum order – read the text of the ad and see if there might be extra fees or charges for ordering a lower amount then the minimum order. If there is no information listed in the text, please use the contact button and ask the seller about fees or discounts.

Also shipping costs should be asked for before purchasing. If you should buy several products from different sellers, you can always find them in your shopping cart in the upper right corner. Once you have put the amount of products into your shopping cart, follow the steps until checkout.

In the next window you can check your billing address, shipping address and product information. Also make sure you check the button with the terms and conditions before you click the "Buy legally binding" button to purchase the product.


If you have any further questions, please contact the support team.