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Here you find answers on almost all questions on "how to use" our portal.

Wanted Ads

home   How Can I Place a Wanted Ad?

Log in with your username and your password. You can find the wanted ads in the main navigation. By clicking the button ‘Place Wanted Ad’ you will be forwarded to a mask where you can enter all required information about the product you are looking for.
Under 'My Solarodo' you can also find ‘My Wanted Ads’ in the ‘Buy’ tab.

home   How Do I Get Informed About a Request by Another Customer?

Log in with your username and password. In the navigation, go to 'Wanted Ads'. Here you can select 'Receive Wanted Ads' - leading you to 'My Solarodo', where you can see your active subscriptions and add one under 'Subribe to search requests'.

home   How Can I Make an Offer to a Request?

Log in with your username and password. Set an ad with the product you would like to offer. Once you've finished, copy the link to your product, enter the 'Wanted Ads' area, open the request matching your product and send the customer a message with the link of your product.

home   How can I set an ‘Ad Agent’ for the products I am looking for?

To find your personal Ad Agent, enter into your account and find the Ad Agent in the ‘Buy’ menu.
To set your personal ‘Ad Agent’, please follow these steps:

- switch to the "marketplace" and select the characteristics you are looking for (type, manufacturer, etc.), then click “Show Results".

- Next you will be forwarded to the results page, there you will find the button "create an Ad Agent" – by clicking it you will create your personal Ad Agent and can personalize it with a name

- Alternative: Switch to the "Categories" and choose the desired category. In the results page you will find the button "Create Ad Agent" – follow the steps above!


If you have any further questions, please contact the support team.