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Here you find answers on almost all questions on "how to use" our portal.

Safety and Handling Problems

home   How Does Solarodo Provide You Security?

To ensure that your data is protected, all the pages that contain sensitive information are particularly secured and encrypted.

home   What You Can Do for your Own Safety!

Here are a few tips you can use to minimize risks on the Internet:

• Log out after every visit.
• Do not save passwords in your browser.
• Choose a strong password consisting of letters and numbers.
• Regularly change your password and do not give it to anyone else.
• Solarodo will never ask you about your password on the phone or via e-mail. If someone should do that, please do not answer. Please inform us, if something like this should happen to you.
• Please note that all the information you leave in your ad at Solarodo can be found by search engines like Google and is therefore available throughout the Internet.
• Ensure that the shipping costs are reasonable and realistic.
• If the seller offers you to not carry out the transaction at Solarodo, but, for example via e-mail or telephone, please do not accept it. We will not be able to help you with possible transaction problems. In addition, this behavior is not consistent with our Terms and Conditions.

home   Report Issues and Problems

When you buy or sell products via Solarodo, you make an agreement with the trading partner and not with Solarodo.
An exception to this is when you purchase goods directly from Solarodo.

In case of difficulties between you and a buyer or seller, please first try to resolve the conflict by contacting the seller or buyer.

Please understand that we basically cannot interfere in the contract. But if you feel that your contractor violates the Solarodo principles, please report them under We will help to clarify the issue as soon as possible.

home   How Can I Find out if a Seller Is Trustworthy?

Solarodo is an online marketplace, where trades take place directly between buyer and seller. To protect the buyer, we have set up a rating system.

Just review the ratings of a seller before buying, so you can get a feeling for whether the seller is trustworthy or if there were problems in the past. Please also rate your trading partners after each purchase or sale to help other customers.

home   How Can I Pay?

Go to ‘My Purchases’ in ‘My Account’. There you can find the status of your current purchases. To be able to pay an article, the sale needs to be confirmed by the seller first.

If the sale is confirmed, you will find for each purchase the button "Pay Now". After clicking a new window opens in which the payment information of the seller is listed. Before you pay, make sure that transportation costs or other charges or discounts are included – also make sure that taxes are listed.

In some cases you will get a separate invoice from the seller. If you are not certain about the payment, ask the seller!


If you have any further questions, please contact the support team.