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Solar Selling

You are a manufacturer who is stopping the production of a certain inverter and you want to sell off your remaining stock? Or you want to get rid of your Class-B products quickly and easily? Or maybe you have a photovoltaic system you want to repower, and you want to sell your old modules or inverters? On SecondSol you can sell all your PV products in a quick, easy and safe manner. With over a 1000 private and commercial users daily, we are the leading online marketplace for the sale of solar modules, inverters, mounting systems, batteries, energy storage systems, etc. Whether it’s for used, Class-B, new, stock or returned products, on Solarodo you will find the suitable buyer. Advertise your products online without any risk. Only after you’ve sold something we’ll charge a small commission (our pricing model).

Your advantages:

  • No costs in advance
  • Professional portal
  • High revenues
  • Broad customer base
  • High visibility
  • Quick, easy & safe

Sell solar modules, inverters and storage solutions now

If you currently don’t have the time to place the ads for your PV products yourself, we recommend our sales agency. Our trained staff will place your ads and market your products.

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You have questions about pricing, ad design or shipping? Use our easy checklists and achieve maximum sales success! We’ve collected tips and tricks on the sale of solar modules, inverters and storage solutions in sales guide.

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