PV Sales: A Checklist


A sale starts way before the ad is even online. Preparation is key and a good one will highly increase your chances of selling something. Some things to keep in mind:


  • Set a realistic price. Do a little research to see what the current market value of your item is, for example by comparing prices on Solarodo. Important aspects that factor in to the price are age; condition; performance; quantity.
  • Fixed price or price proposal? You can either pick a fixed price or allow buyers to negotiate, which is particularly interesting when selling multiple items. You can also set a Buy It Now price when opting for open negotiations.
  • Consider opting for a Top Ad. The highlighted position on the marketplace can increase your sale opportunities, making the small fee worthwhile.
  • Write a detailed and honest description. The more details you provide, the easier it will be to find your product. But remember, there is no point in making your product look better than it is when it results in unsatisfied customers who want their money back. Read more.


The Product


  • When selling a module, make sure to repair minor damages to get a higher price for your product.
  • And of course: clean your products thoroughly before taking pictures, as they can look quite shabby when dirty.


While your Ad Is Online


  • If you make your ad as detailed as possible, you avoid a lot of questions, saving you time and energy in the long run.
  • Always mention any damages or problems with your products, so you avoid unnecessary discussions and potential issues.
  • If you do get an inquiry, always answer quickly so the potential buyer doesn’t lose interest.
  • When offering shipping, make sure you know exactly how you are going to ship, and how much that is going to cost. Not only will the buyer want to know what costs and delivery times he is dealing with, it will also help you avoid running up high costs at your expense.


The Sale


When you’ve found a buyer, there is just one important task left: the packaging and shipping. If your products are not in their original packaging, you should make sure to get the right, secure packaging. Solar panels for example, can be sent on pallets or in grid cages, which you can read more about here.