Packaging Instructions for PV Modules - Pallet Shipping

Packaging Solar Panels for Pallet Shipment.

You want to send several new or used PV modules and do not really know how to pack them?
These packaging instructions will show you how to safely pack multiple solar panels on a pallet, for a secure transport.

Etiketten Anbringen The pallet you pick should be larger than the panels it is going to carry. Etiketten Registrieren
First, place a piece of cardboard on the panel. It should be slighlty smaller than the pallet, but bigger than the panels.
Etiketten Anbringen Place the first panel with the glass side up! Use cellular rubber or cardboard to place between the panels. Etiketten Registrieren Stack the other panels with the glass side down, exactly on top of each other.

Stack max. 20 panels!
Etiketten Anbringen To protect against shocks, secure all the corners of the stack with folded cardboard strip and fixate the stack with stretch wrap! Etiketten Registrieren
Tighten four tension belts or bands vertically and insert pieces of cardboard between the panels and tension belts / bands for protection!
Etiketten Anbringen Mark the whole pallet as
 Etiketten Anbringen Congratulations!

Your pallet is now ready for shipment.


These instructions are also available as a PDF file.