PV Sales: Photo Tips


Faster Sales with Better Pictures


They say pictures say more than a thousand words. We are not sure about that, but we are sure that they increase sales opportunities and success considerably. Don’t miss out on this opportunity and read on to find out how to take a good picture of your PV products.


Pictures are extremely important when selling something online. Without good-quality, detailed photos, a potential buyer won’t have a good idea of what he is buying, so he won’t,

We’ve put some basic tips together for you on how to present your PV products in the best way.


High-resolution pictures can be made with almost any camera nowadays, so you don’t have to have a professional camera to create good pictures. It is more important what you photograph, and how it is presented.




  • Make sure you get the right focus in your picture. Most times, the autofocus will do just fine, so make sure it has enough time to do its job. For more close-up pictures of product details, it might be a good idea to manually focus on the detail you want to show.
  • Photograph items from all sides and take separate pictures of individual components.
  • Make one overview picture will all products and components.
  • Ideally, take pictures with lots of daylight, but never against direct sunlight. When taking pictures indoors, use indoor settings and be careful with the flash. Reflection in solar panels can be so strong that it makes the products unrecognizable.
  • It might not be very common today anyway, but please turn the date display in the pictures off. Displayed dates look very unprofessional and also shows exactly how long your item has been on offer.




  • Choose a quiet background like a white wall.
  • Everything that is not on offer should not be in the picture.
  • Try to avoid bright light sources as they cast strong shadows.


Tip: It’s always better to take a couple of more photos and then pick out the best ones on the computer.