PV Sales: Setting the Price


What Are your Products Worth?


By setting a realistic price you quickly increase the chance of selling your items. With the help of this article, and the possibilities the marketplace brings for a price comparison, you’ll be easily able to determine the current market value of your PV products.


Because setting the right price is not easy! When the price is too high you’ll scare the buyer away, but if it’s too low you’ll lose money. Getting the right, realistic price is very important for your online sales success.


What Should I Take into Consideration?


Firstly, take a look at comparable PV products on the Solarodo marketplace. Keep in mind the important criteria like: manufacturer, type; performance; age; quantity; condition. PV products that are still as good as new or particularly rare solar panels can get quite high prices. In the case of damaged products, it’s more difficult to calculate an average price.


Testing your Solar Panels


It can be quite helpful to test your solar panels before selling them. Tested factors include power; hotspots; micro cracks and cell damage. Find a testing service here.