PV Sales: Your Ad


The Perfect Design


If you want a quick and successful sale, it all starts with how you design your ad. A perfect design increases the number of interested buyers and helps you get a good price. Below, we’ll show you how to get a successful ad in just a few steps.


It will be quick and easy; all you need is your product data sheet and pictures of your PV product. If you have these, your product will be online in five minutes.

For a step-by-step guide of the process, check out our guide on how to place an ad.


Step 1: The Product Data


Make sure you have your data sheet ready for this step, so it goes as smoothly as possible. The manufacturer data sheet should have all the information you need about your solar product. A lot of the products you’ll want to put online will already be in our database, so many fields in the form will already be filled out. Please make sure to check all the data with your data sheet, because variations might occur.


The description field is your friend! You can make your PV products a lot more attractive with a clear description. You’ll fill in all the important data in the form as well, but it can’t hurt to also state some of them in the description, giving the potential buyer a good picture of what is offered. Always be honest in your description and describe any damages or faults. This will make the ad of a used product a lot more trustworthy and will prevent after-sale issues with the buyer. Some points that might be of interest to buyers:

  • What kind of product is it? Are they monocrystalline, polycrystalline or thin-film in the case of panels? Or is it a string inverter or a micro inverter?
  • Is your product Class-A new, used, Class-B, remaining stock?
  • For example: has a panel been repaired and are the corresponding documents available?
  • Do your products have any damages, optical or otherwise?
  • How are the PV products packaged and what are the shipping options?


A detailed and honest description goes a long way. Just ask yourself: if I were the buyer, what would I want to know?


Step 2: Images and the Data Sheet


When placing an ad, you have the possibility to add images, documents and videos. Images are very important for the potential buyer, because they enable him to see what exactly he is buying. Ads with pictures are clicked and saved more frequently than those without.  Read more about our photo tips here.

Data sheets are important because they let the customers check what you’ve put in your ad, and might also give additional info.

Videos are a good new way to convince a customer. You can, for example, add an informational video from the manufacturer, a review, or an interview.


Step 3: We’re Live


When your ad is live, make sure to respond to requests promptly and in detail for a higher success rate with potential buyers.

To increase your success even more, book a top ad. The small fee gets you on the homepage and on top of the search results in our marketplace. Combine that with a great ad for the best conversion rates, and you’ll have sold your PV products in no time!