PV Sales Guide

A Quick Sale

There are two important factors to a successful sale of a PV product: the quality of the product and the way it is marketed. One is useless without the other, so keep on reading for our tips on how to successfully sell your solar products. There is always a market for used solar modules, inverters and other solar products that are still in good shape. It might pay off the get a professional cleaning before selling, or even get the cells from a solar panel tested. In any case, it’s important to give a detailed description of the product, so the buyer knows exactly what they are in for, and will be more likely to buy.

Following these tips will help you get a good price for your product. Solarodo is always there for you with helpful tips and information, so don’t be afraid to contact us if you have any questions!

The Solarodo Checklist

What is the usual process when selling a photovoltaic product? How can you prepare for the sale in a quick and easy fashion? What do buyers generally want to know? The answers to these questions and much more can be found in our checklist. We highly recommend reading these before placing an ad on our marketplace!

PV Sales: A Checklist

What Are My PV Products Worth?

Setting the right price is a tricky and important task.  The key is finding a price that is competitive but still in compliance with your personal or business goals. Let Solarodo advise you on the current market value of your products and other considerations:

PV Sales: Setting the Price

Simply the Best

The ad is the showcase for the product and the single best way to promote your item. Its design is decisive in the buyer process. When you only fill in the most basic information, it will be harder for buyers to find your product, therefore decreasing your chances of a sale. On a marketplace with lots of competitive offers, it’s important to give out as much information about the product as you can, while also making your ad stand out with high-quality pictures, informative documents or an interesting video. Read on for a short step-by-step guide on creating a successful ad:

PV Sales: Design Tips

A Picture Is Worth a Thousand Words

As noted earlier, a good picture is a very important aspect of a successful ad. We’ve put together some helpful tips so you’ll know exactly the right way to photograph your energy storage, mounting system, or inverter.

PV Sales: Photo Tips

For a Safe Journey

Solar panels and other PV products are delicate items, that need to be packaged accordingly. Not sure how to package your PV products safely? Read on for our instructions, which feature two different possibilities:

PV Sales: Packaging Instructions