Services Overview

You are looking into building a new photovoltaic system? You already own one and want to get it cleaned? You are looking for a solarpanel repair expert? Or you've run into some legal issues and need an objective assessment for your PV system? Solarodo helps you out with these problems and more. Read on about the different kinds of solar services on Solarodo, or find the right expert in our business directory now!


A good and objective integrator is essential to the construction of a good photovoltaic system which lasts for a long time with consistently high energy yields.


Get your solar modules, inverters, solar batteries and mounting racks regular professional maintenance checks to ensure a long lifespan and maximize output.


Clean your array regularly to preserve its value and generate maximum output. A professional cleaner gets the best result without compromising your system.


Performance tests, electroluminescence tests and thermographic tests give information about faults in your PV system so you can prevent larger damages.


Hail; thunder; lightning; overvoltage: just some of the causes of damage to a solar system. Repair damages early on to avoid bigger problems or a total shutdown.


Energy yield assessments; faults and damage assessments; legal assessments: a neutral assessment is indispensable in warranty claims or legal cases.


Your solar panels aren't working as they should? You are starting up a solar business? You seek legal advice and help? Turn to a PV law expert to assist you.


The right insurance is essential for a system as costly as a PV system. Updating your insurance can help make your system more profitable.


PV disposal is tricky, as PV systems are made of many different materials. It is important to dispose of them in a correct manner, so everything can be recycled.


Magazines and blogs, whether about solar or about renewable energy in general, keep you up to date on the rapidly changing market that the PV business is.