PV InsurancePhotovoltaic Insurance

A PV system is quite a costly investment, so getting the right insurance for it is essential. A Good PV system has a life expectany of at least 20 years and they are considered pretty low-maintenance, but parts big or small can always break and even the best system might not survive a natural desaster.

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When do you buy insurance for your photovoltaic system? Normally, you do this immediately after construction or purchasing. This means that the insurance is based on the value of when your system is brand-new. The real value of a PV system falls every operating year. You'll keep on paying into your insurance for the replacement value of a new system. Added to this is the fact that the price of photovoltaic products and components has fallen a lot over the last couple of years. So it might very well be worth it to take another look at your PV insurance and possibly optimise it to increase your system's profitability.

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