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PV Lawyers

Your PV system is faulty? Your solar panels aren't working as they should? You are starting up a solar business? You seek legal advice and help?

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For Solar Operators

Even though photovoltaics are considered a safe investment, things can always go wrong. In those cases, it's wise to immediately turn to an expert, specialised in PV law. For solar operators, a photovoltaic lawyer for example handles damage and warranty cases. This means that if you're having any problems with either a small PV system or a large solar array, a lawyer specialised in PV law can help you out. They'll know all the ins and outs of energy law and your rights as a customer.

For Solar Businesses

For businesses, a photovoltaic lawyer supports project development and financing; gives energy and environmental regulatory guidance; supports in project acquisition and divestiture and gives counsel to growing companies. Meaning that a photovoltaic lawyer supports you in getting the best best deal when developing solar projects, ranging from real estate matters to financing arrangements; gives counsel on the regulatory issues most important to the solar industry like Regional Transmission Organizations (RTO) regulations and carbon credit opportunites and makes sure you fulfill all the regulatory requirements needed to obtain approvals; assists in the acquisition of solar projects in all stages of development and handles licensing, taxation and employment matters.

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