Solar AssessmentsPhotovoltaic Assessments

Since photovoltaic systems have become more common, so unfortunately have faults, damages and defects. Therefore, the job of solar experts and assessors has become more and more important. Often it is only with a competent assessor that it is possible to clear up issues regarding warranty, recourse, liability between owners, integrators and manufacturers. Assessors are also used in legal or insurance cases, even if it is just to determine faults and damages to PV systems.

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Energy Yield Assessment

If a PV system doesn’t generate the expected energy yields, there is always a reason for this. When building a PV system, an operator usually asks the integration company to draw up an energy yield prognosis. A neutral and objective energy yield assessment reveals existing faults and weak spots in the design of your system. Without an assessment like this, it won’t be possible to enforce claims over the integration company.

Faults Assessment

It is often the hidden faults that lead to the really expensive damages in PV systems. Consequential damages or a loss of power can often be traced back to long-existing damages, but only when it’s already too late. Common causes in residential arrays are often the mechanical rooftop installation, the wrong hooks or an incorrect tilt of the panels, which leads to a leaky system. But also faults in the panels themselves, minimally damaged materials, glass surfaces under voltage, or metal corrosion can be revealed during a faults assessment. This will enable you to take action early one and enforce your claim before any real damage occurs.

Damage Assessment

Storm, hail, lightning, snow, rain, overvoltage, rodent damage on wires? Parts of your solar system have been damaged, solar cells are broken or the electrics are having problems? A damage assessment lists all damages and strengthens your claim with insurance companies, while sometimes also revealing sources of possible future damage.

Legal Assessment

The trouble with your solar system is turning into a real problematic issue? A legal assessment examines whether it was misconstrued or improperly installed. Construction, isolation, material or installation errors are all causes for inferior modules. But your integration company is refusing to perform the necessary repairs? Only an independent and competent assessment will help enforce your case.

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