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How to Find the Right Solar Integrator

After the decision has been made to build a small rooftop PV system or a big solar array, the next step is finding the right solar integrator. But where do you find the right guy, and what should you consider before making your decision? The first question is easily answered: in the Solarodo business directory! But how to decide which business to pick? Read one, because we’ve got some tips for you.

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How to recognize a good solar integrator

A good integrator:

  • will come by and check the designated area before making an offer.
  • is flexible when it comes to picking out products, and doesn’t insist on a certain manufacturer.
  • makes an offer which states all the individual components and their costs.
  • makes an elaborate revenue forecast which overlaps with the data you’ve gotten out of a solar calculator yourself.
  • gives you all the necessary information about important dates, permits and wiring plans.

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