Photovoltaic System Maintenance 

Check - Maintain - Maximize Outputs 

PV Maintenance
It is often said that photovoltaic systems don’t need a lot of maintenance. This is true up to a certain point, but regular maintenance is still important to ensure a long life span and consistently high energy yields. This is not only true for the solar panels themselves, but just as much for the other components of the PV system. During a PV maintenance check, panels, inverters, cables and mounting racks get checked to detect grave faults early on. A special measuring instrument is also used to check the system's performance. To ensure a good quality and generate consistently high yields, regular checks and maintenance are an important part of operating a PV array. 

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Professional PV Maintenance

A professional maintenance check requires expertise and experience so faults and problems get recognized in time. Specialized businesses work with modern measuring instruments and have an extensive knowledge of solar modules and PV inverters. Because after all, your PV system should have optimal yields during its entire lifespan of at least twenty years.


Inverters are considerably less robust than solar panels, which is mirrored in their average life expectancy of around ten years. To guarantee they function well during these years, they need a bit more maintenance than modules and it is also important to keep their software up to date. It is also important to regularly check the cable connections on both AC and DC sides.


Not just the solar panels, but also (some of) the wiring is exposed to the weather conditions. Because of this, it is important to regularly check the cable sheaths and connections are in good condition.

Mounting Racks

The mounting rack is incredibly important for the safety of your photovoltaic system. Therefore, it is important to get it checked at least once a year. Even just through strong wind, the small parts like clamps and screws can loosen up. In the worst case, these small changes can endanger your whole photovoltaic array.

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